Privé Electronic Cigarettes
Simple | Reliable | Exquisite

Privé is a lifestyle brand - If you have been looking for a change in your lifestyle, or searching for an alternative to cigarettes without all the restriction and negative effects. We have the solution. Our Privé Electronic Cigarette with our new 'peel & puff technology' will allow you to ‘Enjoy the Freedom’ of smoking without all the harmful chemicals or inconveniences.

Enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of smoking without Tar, Ashes or Odor - Only Water Vapor. With no tobacco, no carcinogens, or second hand smoke.

The finest full-bodied, traditional tobacco tastes are blended into everyone of our premium Electronic Cigarettes, delivering an array of flavors to choose from.

Privé disposable electronic cigarettes are the most realistic electronic cigarettes on the market. They deliver all of the flavor without any of the guilt.

Our Nicotine Levels & Flavors
Our electronic cigarettes contain 4 different levels of nicotine 24mg / 18mg / 11mg / 0mg. Available only in 0mg Nictotine Free for the Canadian market, producing no smoke, no ash and no smell. Our electronic cigarettes are currently available in 5 flavors (Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Blueberry & Vanilla) with more flavors to be released over time.

How to use your E-Cig?
To use our disposable electronic cigarettes: Our “peel & puff technology” is very simple, simply remove the rubber cap, peel off the sticker and take a drag, just like you would from a regular tobacco cigarette. Inhale and exhale as you would normally. The cigarette will automatically activate immediately and provide a warm, smooth flavored vapor.

How long will your E-Cig Last?
Your cigarette should last about 300puffs (which is equivalent to 1 whole pack of real tobacco cigarettes). If you are a pack a day smoker, your Privé E-Cig will last you the day, if you smoke a pack in a week then your Privé E-Cig will last a week and so on. When your disposable electronic cigarette battery dies, the LED will flash a few times before turning off.

Ingredients in our E-Cig?
Privé Electronic Cigarettes ingredients include: vanilla extract, malic acid - (malic acid is an organic compound), linalool - (linalool is naturally occurring terpene alcohol chemical found in many flowers and spice plants), menthol and, vegetable oil. Unlike most of our competitors, who use Propylene Glycol for the liquid of their cartridges, Privé Electronic Cigarette has opted to use a vegetable based solution; which after years in the industry has proven to provide the absolute best smoking experience.

Disposing of your E-Cig?
Please dispose of your disposable electronic cigarettes safely. The US Government has determined that Li-Ion Polymer batteries are safe to discard, but we feel that all Li-Ion batteries should be properly disposed of at a battery recycling facility.

Privé Electronic Cigarettes are the right choice. Simple | Reliable | Exquisite.



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